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| February 9, 2024

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Bonsai Comprehensive Guide

Bonsai is a contract management software for freelancers and agencies to write, sign, and store contracts and invoices all in one place.

  • Contract creation
    • Create proposals and contracts from templates
    • Build contracts from scratch
  • Contract management
    • eSign unlimited contracts
    • Search and organize contracts
  • Invoicing
    • Send professional invoices
    • Accept online payments
PlanPriceKey Details
Free$01 Contract
Pro$15/moUnlimited contracts
Team$49/moMulti-user access

  • Contract templates
  • Custom contract creation
  • Client eSignatures
  • Contract organization system
  • Create, track, send invoices
  • Accept online payments
  • Generate 1099 tax forms
  • Zapier integration
  • Mobile apps
  • Client portals
  • Document tagging
  • Search records
  • Multi-language support
  1. Does Bonsai provide contract templates? Yes, Bonsai offers multiple industry-specific contract templates.
  2. Is there a mobile app? Yes, Bonsai offers iOS and Android apps.
  3. Can I accept online payments for invoices? Yes, you can accept credit card and ACH payments.

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