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| February 6, 2024

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1Password Comprehensive Guide

1Password is a password manager that stores encrypted passwords and logins. It helps create strong, unique passwords, auto-fill login forms, and share passwords securely. Works across various devices and browsers.

  • Securely managing passwords across devices
  • Generating strong, unique passwords
  • Auto-fill login credentials on websites and apps
  • Securely sharing passwords within teams and families
  • Forgetting complex passwords
  • Re-using vulnerable passwords
  • Managing multiple passwords
  • Sharing login credentials securely
Individual$2.99/month1 user, 1 password vault
Families$4.99/month5 users, share vaults
Business$7.99/user/monthAdmin controls, SSO, advanced permissions
  • Password generator
  • Auto password capture & replay
  • Secure password sharing
  • Password auditing
  • Travel mode
  • Secure document storage
  • Browser extensions
  • Biometric/2FA login
  • SSO for business users
  • Activity reports for admins
  • Emergency access for family members

No, all data stored in 1Password is encrypted locally before syncing, so no one including 1Password can see your passwords.

Yes, Family and Business plans allow creating shareable password vaults with customizable access permissions per user.

Yes, 1Password has iOS and Android mobile apps with full functionality to manage passwords, auto-fill logins, and more on mobile devices.

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